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Neuroendocrine Testing and Patient Support:
Frequently Asked Questions

Laura Neville, ND | December 2, 2020

Learning Objectives:

  1. FAQs for salivary hormone testing and treatment of imbalances such as:
    • How do I interpret the CAR (cortisol awakening response)?
    • What’s the difference between the Estrogen Quotient and the Pg/E2 ratio?
    • The hormone test results are high; what's going on?
  2. FAQs for urinary neurotransmitter testing and treatment of imbalances such as:
    • Does urinary NT testing measure brain levels?
    • Can I test my patient while they are using psychotropic medications?
    • How do I get support once I have the results?
  3. FAQs regarding proper collection of saliva and urine samples such as:
    • My patient is perimenopausal and her cycles are very irregular – when should she collect/test?
    • What are dosage intervals and why are they so important?
    • How long should I wait before re-testing?

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