Why is New York Certification a Big Deal?

Have you ever wished there was a way to discern whether your testing laboratory is as accurate and reliable as it can be? Because saliva testing is relatively new compared to serum testing, despite CLIA certification by existing state agencies, there is not an independent or peer review process for hormone testing via saliva like there is for serum testing.

New York certification is the next best opportunity for independent scrutiny. New York certification for saliva testing means that the New York State Agency has diligently and rigorously reviewed a Laboratory; its processes, procedures and results and sanctioned the lab with their gold stamp of approval.

Labrix has achieved New York certification. This was one way we could put our Laboratory to the test through the demands of independent analysis and rating. Labrix remains among the elite laboratories — we are still setting the standard for accurate, reliable and fast results.

Here are some areas which were required to get this highly sought after New York certification:

Proof of Competency

  • Validation of procedures and processes performed within the Lab

Records Review and Assay Performance

  • Documentation to reflect all aspects of assay performance

Adherence to Quality Standards

  • Commitment to adherence to stay the course of established quality standards and control each process within the Lab

Quality Control Process

  • Ensuring consistency, stability and monitoring
  • Documentation and correction steps for adverse trends

Personnel Review

  • Licensure periodic/routine demonstration of proficiency

Reference Range Validation

  • Validation of manufacturers ranges clinical credibility verified

Documentation of Validation For Every Assay Used For Testing

  • Intra and inter assay precision
  • Assay linearity
  • Analyte recovery

Accountability and Credentialing of Medical Director

  • Certified in specialty field which testing requires