Labrix Clinical Services is a specialized diagnostic testing laboratory founded by clinicians, for clinicians. Recognizing that education is a critical piece in a clinician’s use of diagnostic testing, Labrix provides a multitude of educational and learning resources to help you, the clinician, to build your understanding of techniques for optimal hormone balancing. Our resources include white papers, provider education handouts, recorded webinars, the Labrix certification in hormone balancing, workshops and training classes.

While understanding and utilizing hormone balancing is a key piece for success in your practice, so is successful outreach and marketing. Labrix can partner with you to grow your practice with a range of resources that includes: patient posters, educational flyers, business marketing webinars and patient education webinars. All of these resources are available to our Practitioners. To access these tools, simply log in to your account and click on the Resources button below. You can also talk directly with our sales and marketing team members for further ideas on how to grow your practice.

As a Labrix provider, you have access to a library of 20+ short and long-form recorded webinars on a variety of clinical topics such as hormone imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, neurotransmitters, sexual vitality, menopause, and more! Each educational webinar is presented by Labrix staff physicians, founders and special guests.

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Labrix presents live trainings per year throughout the country for providers both new to the field of functional medicine and those who are looking to expand their knowledge after years of clinical practice. Labrix Core Training is designed for the practitioner who is fairly new to BHRT and hormone, adrenal and neurotransmitter optimization. Labrix Advanced Workshop is the next step, a weekend intensive focusing on case studies and deeper clinical content.

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Live Trainings

Labrix is proud to offer a variety of educational resources such as clinical handouts, treatment protocols, bibliographies and more so providers may expand their knowledge in the field of functional medicine. Labrix has also designed a series of tri fold brochures, patient flyers and inserts that are available for you to download and market your practice.

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